Advance Dye Chem Industries

Vinyl Sulfone Dyes

These are Reactive Dyes possesing Vinyl Sulphone as the reactive group.  In presence of Alkali, these dyes chemically react with the hydroxyl group of cellulose and form firm, covalent linkages.  These dyes are versatile enough to suit different dyeing methods.  Results are excellent and shades come clean and brilliant with no variation in dyeing as well as in printing.

VS Dyestuffs possess poor affinity for cellulosic fibres in absence of salt and alkalies.  For this reasons, they are suitable for use on pad.  Their substantivity can be increased by addition of Glauber’s salt of common slat and alkali, making the dyestuff suitable on all conventional dyeing machines for loose material, yarn in hanks and packages and piece goods.  The dyeing methods may therefore, be classified under the padding and exhaust processes, standing baths are not recommended, as in alkaline medium inactivation of the dyestuff by reaction with water takes place as a side reaction.


  • Economical multi use product range
  • Broad selection available from wide shade range
  • Range of products suitable for Discharge ground
  • Good fastness properties